Pieces is one of the most well-known World of Warcraft world first raiding guilds. 2020 marks our 10 year anniversary as a guild and in those years we have worked hard towards becoming a home to some of the most competitive players across World of Warcraft. We’ve become known for our competitive culture and innovative strategies. Every day we strive to work hard to be better and enjoy every moment together.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

While finding it difficult to have the perfect combination of skill and dedication, Tommy decided to forge his own path and create Pieces. Over the past few years of building the team to where it is today, Tommy is still an active member of the raid team and continues to push boundries. Whilst not being fixed to the computer screen, he likes to spend time with family and swim.

Chief Operations Officer

Initially joined as the Marketing Executive of Pieces, Jenny now leads the organisation’s operations and strategy. She started her career at UNICEF and has experience working in multinationals, non-profits and start-ups in functions including marketing communications, operations management and business development. As an avid World of Warcraft player, Jenny splits her time between the Pieces organisation and her raiding guild on Chamber of Aspects.


Ryan's first tier with the guild was Crucible of Storms where Pieces achieved their World First. His passion for sheets and logistics shot him up the ranks in Pieces where he now handles most of the in-game organisation. During his free time Ryan likes to learn programming with aims to become a capable full stack developer.